What Is the Current Outlook on Cryogenics?

Many scientists are on the fence about cryogenics. Most have not investigated enough to have a scientific opinion. Cloning was once a process thought to be impossible. As the basis for cryonics progresses, more cryobiologists are acknowledging the scientific feasibility.

Sixty eminent scientists have affirmed cryogenics as a science-based endeavour. Science-based does not have the same meaning as current science. Cryogenics is a protoscience that is based on the expectations of repairs and vitrification of capabilities of science in the future.

Human Mars habitation is a similar science-based concept, based on the projection of current science capabilities. Scientists are reluctant to give opinions outside their specialty. They defer to widely regarded experts. There are few cryogenics experts.

Cryogenics is useful in

  • Aerospace-cryogenic engines
  • Electronic fields
  • Fuels research
  • Manufacturing field
  • Medical field
  • Miscellaneous other uses

NewDayScience provides cryogenic equipment and storage products to any interested industry. The focus of NextDayScience is reducing risk to samples. Having the right equipment is crucial to the proper and efficient management of the freezing process.

Items such as the Cryo-Safe -1° C Freeze Controller prevent vials from direct contact with alcohol. It has a removable 18-well vial holder made of polypropylene. There is an open cell foam ring that sits inside the jar. Alcohol can be kept at room temperature to save freezer space. 

The container has instructions printed on it that are simple to understand. A repeatable -1° C per minute rate of cooling can be obtained. These are the kind of details that go into cryogenic products they carry.