Pipette Tips

Next Day Science proudly offers PurePoint low-retention pipette tips, manufactured from the highest quality 100% virgin polypropylene. 

This gives our tips superior clarity and the best sample recovery in the industry. The tips feature a universal fit for most research-grade pipettors and will exceed your most demanding liquid handling needs. All PurePoint tips are PCR-certified, sterile, RNase-, DNase-, and pyrogen-free. 

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BioFree Pipette Tips

Item #: P1000 Series
from: $66.56 sale: $59.00

Filter Pipette Tip

Item #: 150800 Series
from: $96.50 sale: $64.00

Low Retention Pipette Tips

Item #: 150000 Series
from: $38.10 sale: $25.00

MLA Pipettors

Item #: 151140 Series
from: $32.10 sale: $21.00

Specialty Pipette Tips

Item #: P4300
from: $31.50 sale: $25.83

B5-4 Pipette Tips, Filtered

Item #: B5-4 Series
from: $245.00 sale: $231.00