Lab Ware

It takes a lot of tools to outfit a lab, and Next Day Science is there for all your laboratory needs. 

Next Day Science is proud to be a prominent supplier of superior, disposable plastic products and other consumables that are suitable for industrial, clinical, educational, and laboratory applications. 

Whether you need basics like beakers, goggles, graduated cylinders, sample cups, plastic lab bottles, and glassware, or special items like spreaders, kim wipes, parafilm, autoclave bags, and weigh boats, you can locate the best lab ware at the best prices here. 

Featured Products

BactiZapper Infrared MicroSterilizer

Item #: B1000
from: $447.60 sale: $380.00

Chamber Slides for Cell Culture

Item #: TCC000 Series
from: $199.00 sale: $173.13

Cobas Mira Cuvettes

Item #: 512X Series
from: $367.80 sale: $275.85

Color Coded Microscope Slides

Item #: 1334 Series
from: $292.30 sale: $156.00

Cryogenic Vials, Standard

Item #: F1 Series
from: $186.47 sale: $178.95

Cuvette for Hitachi

Item #: 5130 Series
from: $653.50 sale: $490.13

SureStrain Premium Cell Strainers

Item #: C4000 Series
from: $109.00 sale: $89.00