Universal and High Performance

Centrifuging is the heart of lab work, but ‘lab work’ can vary a lot. Benchmark to the rescue, with a long line of specialty machines!

The Z446 is a classic of its kind, and it offers you the highest capacity of any benchtop Hermle-Benchmark model. It can handle centrifugal forces of 4,500xg with full loads of 15ml or 50ml tubes. Advanced microprocessing prevents rotor overspeed. Rotors change instantly, and you can customise and store your own programs. We stock all the right inserts and adaptors, too!

Do you use oil testing methods? The ZOLEUM is a compact table-top unit, with a four-place swing-out rotor that accommodates cushions in conical or pear-shaped configuration. It has automatic imbalance shut-off, easy-change rotors, with no tools needed, and memory for 99 programs. You can even select from 10 acceleration and deceleration rates to prevent any breakage!

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High Capacity Centrifuge

Item #: Z446
from: $7226.25 sale: $6503.63

OLEUM Oil Testing Centrifuge

Item #: ZOLEUM
from: $10750.00 sale: $9675.00

Sprint 6H Clinical Centrifuge

Item #: C5000-6H
sale: $495.00

Sprint 6H Plus Clinical Centrifuge

Item #: C3303-6HP
sale: $1349.00

Sprint 8 Clinical Centrifuge

Item #: C5000-8
sale: $494.00

Sprint 8 Plus Clinical Centrifuge

Item #: Z207-A
sale: $2310.00

Super Speed Centrifuge

Item #: Z036-HK
from: $14656.48 sale: $13190.83

Z306 Hermle Universal Centrifuge

Item #: Z306
sale: $3684.88

Z326 Universal Centrifuge

Item #: Z326
from: $5600.00 sale: $5283.00

Z366 High Performance Centrifuge

Item #: Z366
from: $5995.23 sale: $5395.70

If space is a consideration, have a look at the Sprint™ 6H. It’s a compact solution where tubes load vertically, then swing to horizontal – a preferred system anyway for many labs. You don’t need any programming to start it. It’s efficiency and simplicity itself! The 6H Plus adds higher speed, and digital controls. It’s our premium model, the gold standard for coagulation, PPP, and urinalysis studies.

Another way of doing things is Benchmark’s Sprint™ 8. It’s got an eight-position, fixed-angle rotor for 10ml blood tubes (16 x 100mm), or 15ml conical tubes (17 x 120mm). There are adaptors for smaller tubes, too. It’s another intuitive, no-programming system.

The Sprint™ 8 Plus gives you increased speed, for serum or plasma, sophisticated digital controls, and the unique EZ-Scroll™ touch pad.

What about the Z36HK super-speed centrifuge, the result of many years of design refinement! This is a powerful bench device that matches the muscle of many of the large, floor-standing systems. You can spin your 50ml samples to 41,410xg, and 2.0ml microtubes to 65,000xg.

Another high-performance model is the Z326 Universal Centrifuge. This powerhouse accepts a variety of rotors, for tube sizes up to 100ml. It’s a popular model in molecular research. It’s got a continuous air flow system for stable sample temperature, and, as you would expect, automatic overspeed protection, imbalance sensors, and self diagnostics.

And the most versatile ambient high-performance centrifuge in the whole family? It’s the Z366. Its high capacity (6x250ml) and high speed (29,068 x g), combines potently with its 7 high-speed angle rotors, or 4 x 250ml swing-out rotor, or 2 x 3 microplate rotor, to give you astonishing capability in all your lab applications. You’ll love the LCD display, quick-set parameters, and the new rotor recognition system, that recognizes the rotor as you close the lid!