Universal and High Performance Centrifuges

Built Better & Priced Lower! Hermle offers all the features of a Beckman or Eppendorf. Combined with our low prices, NDS is proud to be your #1 Hermle Centrifuge choice!
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High Capacity Centrifuge

Item #: Z446
from: $7050.00 sale: $6345.00

Super Speed Centrifuge

Item #: Z036-HK
from: $14299.00 sale: $12869.10

Z306 Hermle Universal Centrifuge

Item #: Z306
from: $3595.00 sale: $3235.50

Z326 Universal Centrifuge

Item #: Z326
from: $5295.00 sale: $4765.50

Z366 High Performance Centrifuge

Item #: Z366
from: $5849.00 sale: $5264.10