Cryogenic Vials

What lab doesn’t need cryovials? We’ve got a range of them, all USP Grade VI polypropylene, non-pyrogenic, of course, and DNase- and RNase-free. They’re sterile, and come in resealable bags.

From Nest Scientific is the classic vial used in the gas-phase of liquid nitrogen storage. It’s got a washer-free screw cap, for no toxicity cells. You’ll like its star-upright bottom design, and its 6 colored cap inserts for easy identification. 

From Globe Scientific, take your choice of CryoCLEAR vials with external or internal threads. They’re absolutely leak-proof, co-molded with a thermoplastic elastomer layer. No more separate O-rings! Use these in long-term storage at temperatures as low as -196°C. 

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CryoCLEAR Vials with External Threads

Item #: 3010 Series
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CryoClear Vials with Internal Threads

Item #: 3000 Series
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Cryogenic Vials, Standard

Item #: F1 Series
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