Sample Cups

Next Day Science's line of sample cups and caps offer great quality, while providing tremendous savings. 

Our low prices and outstanding product quality ensure complete customer satisfaction. The multi-purpose polystyrene sample cups are perfect for use with most laboratory analyzers and come in quantities of 1000 per bag. They are available in sizes ranging from .25 to 4.0 mL

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Abbott Axsym Sample Cup

Item #: 5542
from: $70.50 sale: $47.00

Caps for Sample Cups

Item #: 113132
from: $59.80 sale: $40.00

Formalin Filled Tite-Rite™ Containers

Item #: 65XXFL
from: $81.90 sale: $55.00

HORIBA ABX: Reagent Container

Item #: 650X Series
from: $28.60 sale: $21.45

Nesting Sample Cups

Item #: 5500 Series
from: $37.20 sale: $27.90

Non-Sterile Tite-Rite™ Containers

Item #: 65XX Series
from: $206.30 sale: $138.00

Sample Cup for Roche Cobas Mira

Item #: 6500 Series
sale: $45.70

Screwcap Storage Containers

Item #: 6XXX-2 Series
from: $217.10 sale: $145.00

Specimen Collection Cups

Item #: 6207
from: $261.40 sale: $174.00

Translucent Screwcap Extra Large Capacity Containers

Item #: 654X Series
from: $170.90 sale: $128.18

Urine Collection with Patient I.D. Label

Item #: 6XXX Series
from: $157.80 sale: $107.00

Caps with Cross Cuts for Sample Cups

Item #: 113133
from: $47.50 sale: $32.00

Sample Cups - Multi-Purpose

Item #: 110XXX Series
from: $29.00 sale: $21.75

Sample Cups Questions & Answers

While it is important to use a sample cup that is compatible with your analyzer, you do not need to use the analyzer’s brand of sample cup as long as you use a compatible sample cup. For example, our Abbot AxSYM Sample Cups can be used with Abbot and Architect analyzers. You do not need to purchase Architect sample cups for your Architect analyzer.

Formalin is a colorless liquid made of formaldehyde in water. It’s generally used as a preservative for biological samples. Our Formalin Filled Tite-Rite™ sample cups contain a solution with 10% neutral buffered Formalin and are often used when collecting tissue samples as the solution protects the integrity of the sample.

Nesting Sample Cups allow you to transport and store small samples in larger, standard sized test tubes or blood collection tubes. The sample is simply transferred into the Nesting Sample Cup, which is then placed into the test tube. It’s convenient for use in pre-labeled tubes as it eliminates the need for a second, smaller label. Nesting Sample Cups can also be used with a variety of direct-tube sampling machines.