Cryo-Safe is a special container that helps scientists store and cool cells in a laboratory. It works by cooling cells at a very precise rate of 1 degree Celsius per minute. This is important because if cells are cooled too quickly, they can be damaged and may not work properly. To use Cryo-Safe, scientists add 250ml of a special liquid called isopropyl alcohol and then put it in a very cold freezer with a temperature of -70°C.

What Makes LabWare Cryo-Safe So Unique

Cryo-Safe has a unique design that ensures cells are not damaged during storage. It has a removable vial holder made of polyethylene that can hold up to 18 vials. This holder prevents the vials from coming into direct contact with the isopropyl alcohol surrounding them.  Additionally, there is an open cell foam ring that fits inside the container to provide extra protection. The cooler is made of two types of plastic - polycarbonate and HDPE. It has a diameter of 124 mm (4.9 inches) on the outside, 112 mm (4.4 inches) on the inside, and a height of 72 mm (2.8 inches) on the inside. There are many different types of Cryo-Safe containers, but here are the five best ones for labs.

5 Best Lab Ware Cryo-Safe Containers

1. BioBox for CryoClear Vials

The BioBox for CryoClear Vials is a container made of polycarbonate that can handle temperatures from very cold (-196°C) to very hot (+121°C). These boxes can fit in stainless steel freezer racks and have small holes for draining and freezing things quickly. The lid of the box is clear so you can see what is inside, and it has a numbered grid to help you keep track of everything. There is also a special area for writing on the box that will not smear. Each pack of boxes comes with a free tool for picking up the vials. The BioBoxes come in different sizes and colors, with 25, 81, or 100 places for holding vials.

2. Rack, Freezer, PP, 81x2ml, Rainbow Pk

It comes with a friction lid and has 81 numbered tube wells that can hold 2ml of samples. The box is made of polypropylene, which can withstand very low temperatures of up to -80°C making it an ideal choice for freezer storage. Additionally, this rack is autoclavable to ensure the sterilization of the samples. The Rainbow Pack comes in assorted colors adding an element of organization and visual appeal. This rack measures 5.1 x 5.1 x 2.0" and is a reliable storage solution for laboratories and research facilities.

3. Cryo Boxes

Nest Scientific's Cryo Boxes are specifically designed to store 1.2ml, 1.8ml, and 3.8ml vials in an 8x8 configuration. These boxes can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -196℃ to +70℃, making them ideal for cryogenic applications. The clear polycarbonate cover of the box allows for easy identification of the vials without the need to open the box. The base of the box is made of solid polypropylene, providing a sturdy and durable foundation for the vials. These Cryo Boxes are perfect for laboratories and research facilities that require reliable and long-lasting storage solutions for their samples.

4. Freezer/Storage Boxes

Freezer/Storage Boxes are the perfect solutions for refrigerators and freezers up to -80°C. These boxes make it easy to identify samples with their translucent lids and numbered cavities and come in three different sizes to hold PCR samples. No. R1010 can hold 96x 0.2ml samples, and No. R1020 has an attached hinged lid in a 10x10 format, while No. R1060 has a friction-fit lid in a standard 9x9 format. Made of durable materials, these boxes can withstand extreme temperatures, making them ideal for laboratories and research facilities.

5. Stainless Steel Oversize Chest Rack

The Stainless Steel Oversize Chest Rack is durable. Plus, it's resistant to corrosion. So, it'll certainly last for a long time. This rack can fit standard 2-inch boxes made of cardboard, plastic, or metal. Additionally, you don't need to worry about the safety of your boxes because each rack comes with a security lock.

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Cryo-Safe Questions & Answers

Q: What is the temperature range that Lab Ware Cryo-Safe can withstand?

A: Lab Ware Cryo-Safe can withstand temperatures as low as -320.8°F, making it ideal for use in cryogenic storage environments such as liquid nitrogen or ultra-low freezers.

Q: What is the process of Cryo-safe storage?

A: To Cryo-safe store biological samples, the samples are first embedded in a mold and then frozen in a beaker filled with pentane cooled to -196°C in liquid nitrogen for 2 minutes before being stored at -80°C.

Q: What materials is Lab Ware Cryo-Safe compatible with?

A: Lab Ware Cryo-Safe is compatible with stainless steel, glass, and polypropylene materials, which makes it very versatile.