Cool cells at exactly 1°C per minute. To use, just add 250ml of 100% isopropyl alcohol, and store in a -70°C freezer.


Removable 18 well polyethylene vial holder prevents direct contact of the vials with the surrounding isopropyl alcohol. An open cellfoam ring fits inside the jar. To save freezer space, the alcohol-filled jars can be stored at room temperature. Picture instructions are printed on the container.


  • Polycarbonate jar and HDPE screw-on lid
  • 18 well vial holder
  • Outside diameter: 124 mm (4.9")
  • Inside diameter: 112 mm (4.4”)
  • Inside height: 72 mm (2.8") 

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Cryo-Safe Questions & Answers

No, but for most human and animal cells, in most labs, this is the optimal cooling rate.

Used correctly, we guarantee its durability and its 1°C / minute cooling rate.

Yes, and conventional cryopreservation.