ProBlot Hybridization Oven

Item #: H1200 Series
Manufacturer: Labnet

Product Description

The Labnet Hybridizations ovens meet the capacity demands of medium to high throughput laboratories. The ProBlot 6 and 12 hold six and twelve large bottles respectively. The standard rotisseries in these ovens are unique in that they will hold 50 mL tubes, eliminating the need to purchase a separate rotiserie for processing strips and small blots.

Each oven is equipped with a grounded interior electrical outlet for powering small accessory equipment, also available from Labnet. The availability of the accessories combined with the broad temperature range, makes the ovens useful for hybridization and washing of blots as well as other applications requiring strict temperature control.

For labs that require shaking capabilities, the Deluxe ProBlot12S has an orbital shaking mechanism built-in to the base, expanding its use to a variety of other applications.


All ProBlot Hybridization Systems are supplied with a starter kit containing ProBlot bottles and a pack of hybridization mesh. The bottles are constructed of heavy walled borosilicate glass with a flat bottom. The high temperature caps have a PTFE seal for leakproof performance. Bottles, caps and seals are resistant to all common hybridization reagents, including PEG. The 35mm diameter bottles are available in a variety of lengths and a convenient stand stores bottles upright when not in use.


Rotisserie/rocker speed 4 to 20 rpm
Temperature Range Ambient +5° C to 80° C
Temperature uniformity ±0.5°C
Rotisserie for 35 mm + 50 mL tubes Included
50mL vertical rotisserie (for twelve tubes) H1212-40VA
Rocking platform H1200-RA