Your lab space needs to be sterile, of course. MTC’s new Bio•Wand™ disinfects any surface and any object, with UV light. It kills bacteria quickly, and it also destroys DNA and RNA. Set it for a standard one-minute clean, or a more intensive three-minute cycle. Use it for up to 2 hours, then charge it with an ordinary USB cable. It’s portable cleaning power in your hand!

For pipettes, have a look at MTC’s ProPette nUVaClean™ carousel. This is the first and only pipette rack that organizes and protects your pipettes AND destroys 99% of any contamination. It uses a germicidal UV-C mercury vapor lamp, with a high-efficiency reflector and concentrator system, suitable even for sensitive situations like PCR. The 28-minute clean cycles start with the push of a button, and power-down is automatic. There’s no easier way to kill bacteria, mycoplasma, DNA, or even coronavirus!

And have a look at the TILT Series BactiZapper™ from Benchmark. It’s the BactiZapper™ you know, but with an adjustable head. The “XL” model offers an increased chamber diameter of 35mm, even better for tube mouths and flask necks. 

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Bio•Wand Personal UV Sanitizer

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Micro Bead Sterilizer

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MultiBoxes for Western Blotting

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nUVaClean UV Pipette Carousel

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TILT MicroSterilizer

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