Lab Balances

Next Day Science's compact balances are the best choice for economy and simple operation.

Choose from an ultra-portable battery-operated compact balance; a version that offers an AC adapter along with batter power, as well as a slightly upgraded, but still very compact, balance. For more information, read the individual product descriptions. 

To make sure you have the right balance for your lab's needs, pick up the phone and call us at 866-650-0314. 

Technical specialists are on hand to assist you with any questions you might have. 

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Accuris Precision Balance

Item #: W3200 Series
from: $1,116.20 sale: $949.00

Accuris Analytical Balance

Item #: W3100 Series
from: $2,060.60 sale: $1,752.00

Accuris Analytical Balances Series DX and TX

Item #: W310XX Series
from: $2,117.90 sale: $1,800.00

Accuris Compact Balance

Item #: W3300 Series
from: $320.80 sale: $273.00

Accuris F1 Grade Calibration Weight

Item #: W1000 Series
from: $71.50 sale: $61.00

Accuris Mini Balance

Item #: W4000 Series
from: $44.30 sale: $38.00

Anti Static Ionizer

Item #: W3120
from: $1,242.10 sale: $1,056.00

Lab Balances Questions & Answers

Yes. While each balance is different in appearance, they are all lightweight, portable and easily accessible to meet your basic needs. They have simple button operation, a backlit LCD display, and can be stacked for easy storage.

The larger capacity models can hold anywhere from 1000 grams to as much as 10,000 grams. The lower capacity units hold anywhere from 100 grams to 500 grams. The capacity of each compact balance is listed in the item’s description.

Yes. There are different modes that allow weight to be displayed in various units. For instance, the Accuris Compact Balance has a Mode button that allows weight to be displayed in grams(g), ounces(oz), carats(ct) and percent deviation. The Accuris Mini Balance on the other hand has a Mode button that allows you to weigh in grams(g), carats(ct), grains(gn), and deadweight tonnage(dwt). The CB Compact Scale weighs in grams(g), ounces(oz), or pounds(lbs). Each balance is unique and offers different features for your basic needs.

While they all can be powered by batteries, certain models include AC adapters, allowing them to be plugged in. The Accuris Mini Balances are powered by two AAA batteries which are included. After it sits idle for one minute, the power automatically shuts off to conserve battery life. This is ideal for lab or field use. The Core Compact Balance and Core Compact Balance Capacity requires six AA batteries, but also comes with an AC Adapter. It has an Auto sleep / power down function to save battery life.