Electrophoresis Systems

Electrophoresis systems from Next Day Science are available in varying sizes to accommodate a wide range of applications, and our electrophoresis units are state of the art research tools designed for DNA, protein, and nucleic acid applications constructed for molecular biology and bioresearch laboratory and classroom settings.

Our electrophoresis equipment products provide accuracy and reliability to aid your production and workflow in the lab.

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Enduro GDS

Item #: GDS-1302
from: $6,272.00 sale: $5,018.00

Enduro Gel XL

Item #: E0160
from: $758.63 sale: $700.00

ENDURO™ UV Transilluminator

Item #: U1001
from: $1,880.50 sale: $1,672.00

ENDURO™ VE20 Vertical Gel Electrophoresis System

Item #: E2020
from: $1,763.89 sale: $1,542.00

Mini Vertical Electroblotting Module

Item #: E2010-BM
from: $508.53 sale: $445.00

myGel InstaView Electrophoresis System

Item #: E120X Series
from: $767.00 sale: $652.00

myGel Mini Electrophoresis System

Item #: E1101 Series
from: $623.90 sale: $530.00

Enduro Horizontal Gel Box

Item #: E1007 Series
from: $411.37 sale: $366.00

ENDURO™ 2D Gel System

Item #: E2010-2M
from: $402.08 sale: $321.66

ENDURO™ Modular Vertical Gel System

Item #: E2010 Series
from: $322.00 sale: $257.60

ENDURO™ Semi-Dry Laboratory Blotter

Item #: E2020-SDBPS
from: $2,024.84 sale: $1,619.87