PCR Tubes and Plates

Next Day Science is proud to offer ProAmp PCR Tubes and Plates, made from the best raw materials using particular production techniques that deliver constant quality performance.

 ProAmp PCR tubes and plates have thin wall construction and consistent wall thickness for precise thermal transfer along the surface of the entire tube. Our cap design allows a perfect fit to reduce sample evaporation during thermal cycling.  They are PCR inhibitor and human DNA-free, RNase/DNase-free, non-pyrogenic, sterile, and validated using Method 1 guidelines of the AAMI. All ProAmp products are available in blue, green, red, and yellow. In addition, we offer the LABeler for easy label identification of any laboratory vessel in nearly any laboratory application. 

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12-Strip PCR Tubes

Item #: PC7012
from: $88.00 sale: $76.56

5mL MacroTube Rack

Item #: C2590
from: $39.50 sale: $29.00

8-strip PCR tubes with Separate Caps

Item #: PC706
from: $46.00 sale: $40.02

Accuseal Semi Automated Plate Sealer

Item #: PS1000
from: $5,624.26 sale: $4,775.00

Individual PCR Tubes with Cap

Item #: PC7060 Series
from: $46.00 sale: $40.02

Large Capacity Test Tube Rack

Item #: K560 Series
from: $56.46 sale: $45.17

PCR Tube Racks

Item #: C3 Series
from: $29.72 sale: $28.52

PCR Tubes and Strips

Item #: P3000 Series
from: $40.00 sale: $26.00

ProCycle 8-strip PCR tubes

Item #: PC7065
from: $102.00 sale: $88.74

ProCycle FlexStrip PCR 8-strip Tubes

Item #: PC7062
from: $88.00 sale: $76.56

ProCycle Tube with Attached Hinged Cap Strip

Item #: PC7066
from: $105.00 sale: $91.35