8-strip PCR tubes with Separate Caps

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Manufacturer: Alkali Scientific
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Product Description

SI's more convenient 0.2 ml 8-strip PCR tubes and caps. The strip includes 8 integral 0.2 ml tubes with ultrathin sidewalls and bottoms for more uniform and efficient temperature transfer and separate caps. This PCR reaction strip is available with either flat (needle pierceable) or dome-topped caps. While easily opened and closed with one hand, their positive sealing will fully protect the contents from evaporation during the whole thermal cycle. The cap has an integral seal preventing contamination with surface of lid. While more easily handled than single tubes, the strip will precisely fit standard well spacing and can also be used with 8-channel hand-held pipettors. Manufactured under the most stringent conditions to attain the highest quality standards in the industry. Choice of colorless and four non-cytotoxic and non-metallic colors. Packed in tamperproof resealable bags.

  • 0.2mL strip tubes with flat or domed caps
  • Ultra-thin walls
  • Positive sealing
  • Fits standard 8-channel pipettes