Sample Tubes

Next Day Science offers a complete line of sample tubes designed for storage, transport, centrifugation (round-bottom tubes), or the collection of biological specimens.

These sample tubes are produced from non-toxic polypropylene that offers high strength and clarity. The tubes come in a variety of sizes, from 5mL to 50mL, and they feature leak-resistant screw caps that can be removed or sealed in a single turn. The tubes are autoclavable and are manufactured to withstand a wide temperature range (-196°C to +121°C).

See our variety of sample tubes below, and don’t forget your sample tube caps (sold separately). 

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50mL Self-Standing Screw Cap Tubes

Item #: 625X-2 Series
from: $224.20 sale: $149.00

5mL MacroTube Rack

Item #: C2590
from: $39.50 sale: $29.00

Abbott Axsym Sample Tube

Item #: 5543
from: $141.70 sale: $94.00

DuoClick The Two-Position Screw Cap Culture Tube

Item #: T8000 Series
from: $130.80 sale: $93.00

False Bottom Tubes for Automation

Item #: 5520 Series
from: $49.50 sale: $33.00

Graduated Tubes

Item #: 6050 Series
from: $269.50 sale: $180.00

Non-Graduated Sample Tubes

Item #: 6030 Series
from: $170.90 sale: $114.00

Transport Tubes with Screwcap

Item #: 6100 Series
from: $117.70 sale: $88.28