Digital Gatekeeper Face Mask and Temperature Scanner

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Standalone 3-in-1 Workplace Safety Sentinel

This digital system scans faces in less than 2/10 of a second. Ensure that people who enter your facility are wearing face masks and do not have elevated temperatures.

  • You don't need to pay an employee to scan people as they enter
  • Integrates with your current employee ID scanning system.
  • Perfect for retail, lodging, healthcare or office environments.
  • Easy setup in less than 30 minutes.
  • Add each employee to system for facial recognition

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Product Description

Body Temperature, Mask Detection & Face Recognition System

  • Check temperature of employees and guests
  • Fastest recognition time within 0.2 seconds
  • Take temperature through the wrist (no-contact)
  • Connect body temperature to personnel records
  • Configure temperature detection threshold values
  • Measurement accuracy can reach 0.1℃

Give employees and visitors peace of mind that your physical location is safe from people entering with a high fever. The Digital Gatekeeper automatically measures the temperature of every person it scans in 2/10 of a second.

Hi-Definition Camera
Hi-Definition Camera

Fast, high quality, WDR, 2MP (1080P) low illumination wide-angle camera and F1.6 large aperture lens.

Multi-language Support
Multi-language Support

The device can be set to different languages making it easy to deploy in any situation or environment.

Fast Detection (2/10 second)
Fast Detection (2/10 second)

Deep learning algorithm model with face recognition accuracy rate 99% (false rate less than 1%).

Concrete Security
Concrete Security

Restrict facility access with facial, ID card, password and QR code authentication protocols.

Personnel Database
Personnel Database

The Gatekeeper integrates with your ID scanning cards (e.g. Fargo, HID) for enhanced employee security.

Replacement Warranty
Replacement Warranty

If the device fails to function properly, we will replace it. If the dog eats, we will replace it. (Up to 24 months)