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Stop replacing your hotplate stirrers every couple of years and buy one that's built to last. 

Next Day Science is proud to offer Talboys hotplate stirrers, made in the USA with a 5-year warranty. 

Models range from basic styles with analog controls to fully digital advanced and professional styles with microprocessor controls. With ceramic and aluminum plates, in sizes ranging from 4" x 4" to 10" x 10",  as well as a hotplate and magnetic stirrer combo, Next Day Science has a hotplate stirrer for any application. See individual product descriptions for further information. 

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Accuplate Hot Plate

Item #: D0300
from: $199.92 sale: $159.94

Accuplate Magnetic Stirrer

Item #: D0310
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Digital Stirrer

Item #: H3770 Series
from: $257.00 sale: $218.45

Hotplate / Stirrer

Item #: H4000 Series
from: $243.00 sale: $206.55

Accuplate Hot Plate Stirrer

Item #: D0320
from: $296.82 sale: $237.46

Hotplate Stirrers Questions & Answers

A hotplate stirrer is typically used in laboratories to mix fluids. For such purposes, there are two main types of hotplate stirrers. These are the magnetic stirrer and the overhead stirrer. A magnetic stirrer generates a magnetic field. This is what rotates the stir bar which stirs the fluids in the container. On the other hand, the overhead stirrer functions more like a food mixer. This is because it's dropped into the container of the liquid to serve as an agitator.

This would usually depend on the material of the hotplate. But generally, such equipment would heat up in a matter of minutes.

This would depend on the type of sample and the container it's in. Though, for a fluid in a beaker, the maximum volume would be 10-15 liters. This would still allow for stability. This maximum volume is suitable for solutions which are more viscous. Also, it would depend on the vessel you use to stir the liquid.

Most hotplate stirrers have hot zones in their middle area. They're also designed to be a lot cooler around the outer area for safety reasons. This design helps reduce the likelihood of getting burned. It would keep you safe even if you accidentally touch the surface of the hotplate.

One benefit of a stirrer with a ceramic top is that it has excellent temperature and chemical resistance. This means that they can reach temperatures as high as 450°C. Aside from this, they also heat up a lot quicker than aluminum top hotplate stirrers. The surface of ceramic tops is also easier to clean. Finally, they allow for excellent visibility in terms of color changes too.