Bulk Ordering and Procurement

We offer additional wholesale discounts to our clients when products are purchased in bulk quantities. Whether you are ordering for a laboratory, medical facility, or a business, Next Day Science is your trusted supplier.

It's best to call us before ordering online in order to maximize your savings opportunities - especially if you are looking to hit certain budget constraints.

In the bulk shipment part of our business, because we are dealing with larger quantities, we often have products available that we just don't have time to display online. By the time a shipment has become available for sale, it is often scooped up in its entirety. We try to post products that are consistently available - even if sometimes the pricing does change because of short-term opportunities.

FAQs on Bulk Shipments

  1. Shipping fees can be billed directly to your UPS or FEDEX accounts.
  2. We can ship next day, priority or ground.
  3. If you pay with a credit card or PayPal, there may be an additional fee.
  4. We can accept Purchase Orders from customers that have an establish history.
  5. You can pay for purchases with credit cards, ACH, Wire Transfers and PayPal.
  6. You can submit a quote request for immediate turn-around and price confirmation.
  7. Bulk quantities depend on each item. Contact us for more details.