Chamber Slides for Cell Culture

Item #: TCC000 Series
Manufacturer: Alkali Scientific
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Product Description

Alkali Scientific chamber slides were designed specifically to cover all your cell-based microscopic research needs. These state of the art chamber slides use a patented design that simplifies your work.

Our chamber slides allow you to grow cell cultures within each chamber, making it possible for you to prepare a higher number of samples on a single glass slide. The volume of each well is 1.2 ml for the 8 wells culture slides and 2.5 ml for the 4 wells cell culture slides.

The chambers are produced from high quality clear plastic. Each of the chambers is marked with an alphanumerical code, making tracking the sample easier.

Our chamber slides are sterilized through the use of gamma irradiation, ensuring that this product is ready for use as soon as you receive it. They are also Rnase, Dnase and pyrogen free.

  • Material: Chamber PS / Slide Glass / Holder PP
  • Alphanumeric Well Identification
  • Pyrogen/Cytotoxin Free
  • Gamma Sterilized
  • 12/Case