A Buying Guide for Lab Scales

Used to determine the mass of an object, scales are among the most ubiquitous, important instruments in any laboratory or industrial setting. And regardless of type, a professional caliber scale must be reliable, durable, and most of all, accurate. At NextDayScience, we offer ultra-precise, top rated platform scales, pallet truck scales, veterinary scales, and bench floor scales at competitive prices. Here is more detailed information on our scale selection:

Platform scales

All of our platform scales can be integrated into pre-existing systems or combined with one of our many different indicators, with features to suit most applications. The CPW-plus models are multi-purpose industrial scales designed for easy use. Durable and dependable, they include options for different units of measurement, for various applications, an easy to read backlit indicator, and portability. The PT platform models feature non-slip adjustable levelling feet, overload protection, mild steel construction, and more.

Pallet Truck Scales

NextDayScience's PTS pallet truck scale allows users to measure the weight of objects as they are moved from one place to another. Whether it’s in a warehouse, in the shipping department, or on a production floor, this pallet truck scale is perfect for industrial use. Its features include a hold function, backlit LCD display, color-coded keys, capacity tracker, external calibration, rechargeable battery for up to 90 hours of operation, an auto-sleep function, an AC adapter, and more.

Veterinary Scales

NextDayScience offers veterinary scales for both large and small animals, depending on the needs of your practice. The CPW-plus L Veterinarian models are big, durable, industrial-quality scales with a modern low-profile design that is adapted for veterinary use. The scale is simple to use and splashproof to protect from accidental spills. It features different options for units of measurement (kilograms, grams, pounds, and ounces), an easy-to-read backlit indicator, and portability. The models have a capacity that ranges from 75 to 330 pounds. Features include four weighing units, zero tracking, four load cell construction, a large stainless steel platform, wheels for easy movement, external calibration, and more.

The MXB Veterinarian Scale offers fast and reliable weighing for small animals. The smooth contours provide secure, splashproof support for small animals, and the simple operation makes using and learning the scale hassle-free. The scale has three weighing units (grams, pounds, and ounces), solid one-piece construction, battery and AC operation, and an auto-sleep/power down function to save on battery life.

Bench/Floor Scales

If you are seeking a floor or bench scale for your facility, whether it’s a clinic, hospital, school, business or laboratory, you will find a versatile selection at NextDayScience. With tough metal and stainless steel construction, you can count on accurate and fast-counting scales. The variety of features includes large LCD display, external calibration, rechargeable long-life battery, adjustable zero point and zero tracking, and much more. We offer a wide variety of floor and bench scales, including person scales, bench scales, counting scales, and wash down scales. These are scales designed with user-friendly operation in mind for easy use and quick and precise weighing.

The MDW 160M body weight scale is widely applicable for use in clinics, hospitals, schools, businesses and sports departments. It has a standard measurement height rod for 60 to 212 centimeters, a robust metal housing, an anti-slip platform, adjustable zero point, and two weighing units (kilograms and pounds).

The ABK Bench Scale has six weighing units, color coded keys, a stainless weighing pan, and external calibration, with a rechargeable battery up to 90 hours operation. The counting scales weighing capability range from 8 to 100 pounds with the option to store up to 100 PLUs. There is zero tracking, memory accumulation of count, a pre-set counting alarm, and more.

NextDayScience's WBZ wash down scales are approved for retail and ideal for food preparation, agricultural facilities, packaging plants and other retail applications. These scales feature an IP66 rated wash down housing with a large stainless steel weighing pan. The larger backlit display shows price per unit with an easy to read, extra large total cost display and weight. They operate with a main AC adaptor or rechargeable battery pack for portability; both are included.

For more information on our many quality products, visit the NextDayScience web site.