Microdin Nadir Flat Sheet Membrane

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Manufacturer: SterliTech
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Product Description

Sterlitech nanofiltration (NF) flat sheet membranes may be used in our process filtration units for evaluation or for any of your general separations needs.


Series NP010 NP030
Thickness 210-250 µm 210-250 µm
Type Acid/Caustic Preparation, Metal, Chemical Acid/Caustic Preparation, Metal, Chemical
pH Range 0-14 0-14
Rejection (Na2SO4) 35-75% 80-95%
Processing Temp. 5-95°C 5-95°C
Polymer PES PES
Backing PE/PP PE/PP
Water Flux >200 lmh/40 bar >40 lmh/40 bar
Pore size/ MWCO ~1000 Da ~500 Da