EZFlow Membrane Disc Filter

Item #: 361 Series
Manufacturer: Foxx Life Science

Product Description

Foxx’s EZFlow PES Membrane Disc Filters are ideal for use in a wide variety of aqueous filtration applications.  Constructed from Foxx’s low-protein-binding, low-extractable hydrophilic polyethersulfone, these filters provide super-fast flow rates and high throughput when filtering media, buffers, and other filtrates common to microbiological and life science applications. 

PES Disc Filters are available in two porosities: 0.2µm for sterilization and complete bacterial retention, and 0.45µm for particulate removal and clarification.  Both porosities are available in industry standard 13, 25, 47, and 90mm diameters.  PES Disc Filters are autoclavable and gamma-stable.


SKU 361-2113-OEM 361-2212-OEM 361-2811-OEM 361-3113-OEM 361-3212-OEM 361-3612-OEM 361-3811-OEM
Filter Diameter 13mm 25mm 90mm 13mm 25mm 47mm 90mm
Filter Pore Size .22µm .2µm 0.22µm 0.45µm 0.45µm 0.45µm 0.45µm

  • Filter Material: PES