ELISA Plates

Item #: E1 Series
Manufacturer: Nest Scientific
Product Description
  • Designed for ELISA method
  • Medical grade polystyrene
  • Conform to SBS/ ANSI
  • Both detachable and undetectable plates are available
  • Flat and transparent well bottom
  • High binding (protein binding:300-400 ng∕cm2)
  • Medium binding (protein binding: 200-300 ng∕cm2)

Detachable ELIDA Plate

  • Clear alphanumeric codes for better test flexibility and identification
  • Special designed stripe-holder for eliminating the change of disorientation
  • Easily fixed wells and stripe
  • Designed for easy handling and automation
  • 1*8 stripes design for easy readouts
  • Excellent well uniformity, CV <5%

Undetachable ELIDA Plate

  • Uniform thickness and stripe well size, flat bottom, CV <5%