Z366 High Performance Centrifuge

Item #: Z366
Manufacturer: Benchmark Scientific
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Product Description

The new Z366 centrifuge is the most versatile ambient centrifuge in the Labnet / Hermle family. With high capacity (6x250ml) and high speed (29,068 x g), The Z366 model is the ideal ambient centrifuge for any lab. The Z366 offers 7 high speed angle rotors, a 4x250ml swing out rotor, and a 2x3 microplate rotor.

The new distinctly modern control panel features a large LCD display. The adjustment knob allows for quick and easy setting of all operating parameters, including speed (rpm or rcf), run time (up to 99 hours), and more. The new rotor recognition system recognizes the rotor as soon as the centrifuge lid is closed. The rotor number is displayed and all settings are limited to the max specifications of that rotor.

  • Versatility, 10 Rotor Options Combining Speed and Capacity
  • High Speed, Up To 29,068 x g
  • New modern design with easy operation control panel and LCD display
  • Surprisingly Compact with 1.5 liter capacity (6x250ml)

Maximum Speed 20,000 rpm
Maximum RCF 29,068 x g
Maximum Volume 6 x 250ml (Angle)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 43cm x 38cm x 51cm
Accel. / Decel. Rates 10
Program Storage 99
Noise Level Less than 60 dBA
Timer 30 sec. to 99 hour 99min, cont.