Wide Mouth, Round Bottles, Extra Flexible, LDPE

Item #: 600000 Series
Manufacturer: Globe Scientific

Product Description

These round and wide-neck bottles are made for hassle-free emptying and filling of powder and liquid samples. The bottles are optimal for storing samples or for packaging commodities and raw material. The durable cap and bottle can withstand significant pressure before they break apart, making them perfect for transport. The deep-threaded, leak-resistant, and easy grip screw cap contains tagging points which provides additional security. The space between the cap and the insert seal plug can be used to store confidential notes.


Bottle: Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
Cap: Polypropylene (PP)

  • Graduated
  • Separate insert sealing plug provides additional leak resistance
  • Tagging points on the bottle and cap can be secured using wire security tags to ensure a tamper-resistant closure.
  • Packaged in lot coded cartons, suitable for use in the food industry


Bottle Capacity: Bottle Height: Bottle Outer Diameter: Mouth Inner Diameter: Graduation Intervals:
50mL 77mm 40mm 24mm 10mL
100mL 89mm 48mm 24mm 20mL
250mL 126mm 61mm 34.5mm 25mL
500mL 158mm 75mm 34.5mm 50mL
1000mL 200mm 93mm 45mm 100mL
2000mL 247mm 115mm 45mm 100mL