Tri-Corner Polypropylene Beaker

Item #: 3630 Series
Manufacturer: Globe Scientific
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Product Description

These tri-pour plastic beakers range from 50mL to 1000mL. They are unbreakable and can be used with commonly used acids, solvents and alkalis. The laboratory beakers can be autoclaved and are reusable, yet are inexpensive enough to be disposable. All six sizes are graduated in mL.


  • Clarified polypropylene (PP)
  • Three dripless pouring spouts
  • Molded graduation marks
  • Packaged 100 beakers per case


Beaker Size: Graduation Increments: Dimensions (w x h):
50mL 5mL 49mm x 57mm
100mL 10mL 58mm x 72mm
250mL 10mL 76mm x 90mm
400mL 20mL 85mm x 108mm
800mL 50mL 107mm x 133mm
1000mL 50mL 115mm x 145mm