Shaking Incubators

Shaking incubators, also known as environmental shakers, are often used for cell aeration, solubility studies and culturing of cells. In addition to providing stable temperature conditions, they use an orbital agitation at variable speeds to enhance the growth of cells. Many of the models that we offer have adjustable stroke lengths to accommodate various types of cells and applications. CALL US TODAY. And speak with one of our product specialists to learn more about the right shaking incubator for your lab.

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IncuShaker Mini Shaking Incubator

Item #: H1001-M
from: $3,528.40 sale: $2,999.00

222DS Benchtop Shaking Incubator

Item #: I-5222-DS
from: $3,867.52 sale: $3,155.00

AccuTherm Microtube Shaking Incubator

Item #: I-4001-HCS
from: $2,495.95 sale: $2,214.00

Incu-Shaker 10LR, Refrigerated

Item #: H2012
from: $10,287.40 sale: $8,744.00

MultiTherm shaker with heating only

Item #: H5000-H
from: $2,378.10 sale: $2,021.00

Vortemp 56 Shaker/Incubator

Item #: S2056A
from: $2,810.90 sale: $2,624.00

MultiTherm shaker with Heating & Cooling

Item #: H5000-HC
from: $3,124.50 sale: $2,656.00

Vortemp 1550 Shaking Incubator

Item #: S2050A
from: $3,444.08 sale: $3,214.00

Incu-Shaker Shaking Incubator

Item #: H2010
from: $7,277.00 sale: $6,185.00

I5311DS Shaking Incubator

Item #: I-5311-DS
from: $6,552.80 sale: $5,966.00

Shaking Incubators Questions & Answers

A shaking incubator is a laboratory implement that is used to merge, blend or agitate substances either in a tube or a flask by shaking them. This apparatus is commonly used in the fields of biology and chemistry. It contains an oscillating board where the beakers, test-tubes or the flasks are placed.

Despite the popularity of the magnetic stirrer that has replaced the shaker, the shaker remains as a preferred choice apparatus even now. It is so because it deals with a large capacity of a material where multiple agitations are required.

There different types of incubators include vortex, platform, and the orbital. They all provide optimal conditions that ensure cell growth.

All the incubators require agitation that is achieved through shaking a process necessary to incorporate oxygen so that the nutrients can be fairly distributed through the culture media. This methodology is made by placing a separate shaker inside the incubator.

The different types of incubators can be used for the development of any cell. This may include yeast, tissue cultures, and bacteria.

The incubator shaker automatically adjusts its set up ranges from a large capacity to benchtop systems and the stackable units of the freezer.

Since this incubator comes with an inbuilt shaker, it reduces the hustle of having to open your incubator every time to make adjustments to the shaker settings. With these said it would not affect the temperature changes caused by opening and closing of the incubator.

It also helps in a process that requires both shaking and incubating because the machine has been manufactured to perform both processes concurrently.

It is essential that when you go purchasing a shaking incubator, you need to look out for its programmability. This will ensure that it can be programmed to perform at its optimum.

Secondly, make sure that the controls are illuminated to improve on vision. Thirdly it needs to have an adjustable RPM that conforms to the temperature.