Qwik-Snap MicroTubes

Item #: C3000 Series
Manufacturer: Alkali Scientific
Product Description

ASI Qwik-Snap™ MicroTubes are made of premium polypropylene plastic allowing for a crystal clear tube and centrifugal strength. Available in 1.7 (graduated to 1.5ml), 2.0ml, & 0.6ml sizes, the 1.7ml and 0.6ml tubes are also available in assorted colors. They feature a secure-snap cap that ensures a strong seal and eliminates leakage and evaporation. The 0.6ml tubes are packaged in bags of 1000 and the 1.7ml & 2ml tubes come 500 per pack. Capable of withstanding boiling temperatures up to 121˚C and freezing down to -80˚C, the Qwik-Snap™ micro centrifuge tubes are the perfect choice for your research.

  • Centrifugal Speed: 29,000 x g
  • Can withstand boiling up to 121℃ and freezing down to -80℃
  • 'Snaps' into place for fool-proof secure seal
  • 100% polypropylene, RNase/DNase free
  • Clear, non-binding surface, graduated
  • Certified RNase, DNase & Pyrogen free