Pre-sterilized Cell Strainers

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Manufacturer: Alkali Scientific
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Product Description

Cell Strainers make obtaining a more uniform single cell suspension easy. Three nylon mesh pore sizes are available for isolating cells of different sizes, and cell strainers are faster and easier than gauze filtering to remove cell clumps and tissues that interfere with sensitive instrumentation. Ideal for stem cell and tissue-derived primary cell preparation. Tab enables easy aseptic handling. Individually packaged and gamma sterilized.

Cell strainers from ASI are an economical choice. Easy to use and simple to dispose of after use, these basic yet highly functional devices can be easily fitted onto standard conical tubes as well as other types of laboratory test tubes with the goal of isolating certain types of cells and of breaking clusters of cells or tissues in single cells in order to produce uniform, single cell suspensions.  Thus, they provide a much faster alternative, which at the same time requires less effort on behalf of the researcher, to gauze filtration. Additionally, using strainers will help you to lower the risk of contamination for your sample to a minimum, ensuring that it maintains its integrity.

These cell strainers are manufactured from a strong, very resistant nylon mesh which has evenly spaced pores on its surface, providing a uniform filtration platform which will ensure constant, good results. You can choose from three available mesh sizes, which are 40 µm, 70 µm and 100 µm, the different pore sizes help you to isolate different sized cells.


  • Individually Wrapped Pre-sterilized
  • Reduced Chance of Contamination
  • Nylon Mesh Filtration
  • Fits Standard 50ML Conical Tubes
  • 40, 70 & 100µm Sizes Available
  • Diameter bottom: 27.05mm, Height:14.50 mm
  • QTY: 50 Units/Case
  • SAL 10^-6 sterilization