PPE Supplies

These are anxious times, as we continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Help keep everyone safe with 3-ply disposable masks, from Hansaplast. These are German-made for high-quality microbe filtration, with 2 non-woven layers surrounding a melt-blown middle layer. They use these in hospitals. Buy them in bulk, at 100 to a pack.

Kill germs before they spread, with Nayo’s 70% ethanol bulk hand sanitizer, available to you wholesale by the gallon. It’s the cost-effective way to adhere to WHO guidelines on workplace infection control. This fine product is even compliant with CDC and FDA recommendations. It’s also fragrance-free, to minimize skin irritation, and there’s glycerin added as a soothing moisturizer. 

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PPE Supplies Questions & Answers

Do face masks really help contain viruses?

They clearly do afford a degree of protection. And their point is not just to make the wearer safer from infection – they also help keep infected people from spreading their infections.

Are homemade face masks as good as plastic and paper surgical ones?

There’s not as much data on this as we’d like. It does appear to depend partly on what the mask is made of. Vacuum cleaner bag material seems to work rather well. Cotton toweling works almost as well. Linen and silk perform rather poorly. On the whole, though, the kind that healthcare workers use seem to work the best.

What should you look for in a good mask?

Try to choose for layered plastic and fiber. Also make as certain as you can that the fit around the mouth and nose is snug.

Do you still have to wash your hands if you’re wearing a mask?

Absolutely yes. Merely transmitting viruses close to your nose or mouth by touching your face is asking for trouble. The virus is even capable of entering your system by your eyes, too. Your hands should stay as disinfected as possible, mask or no mask.

Do hand sanitizers work?

The alcohol-based kind kill many kinds of bacteria and viruses, but it doesn’t work on all germs.

Is hand sanitizer better than soap and water?

Health professionals recommend soap and water over hand sanitizers, but hand sanitizers are a useful, and sometimes more convenient, alternative.

How much alcohol should be in a hand sanitizer to be effective?

The alcohol content should be between 60% and 95% by volume.

What kind of alcohol is in hand sanitizers?

Usually isopropanol, or ‘rubbing alcohol’ (the kind you don’t drink).

Can hand sanitizers expire?


Are hand sanitizers bad for you?

There’s no evidence for this, but dermatologists do note that too much alcohol (or for that matter too much soap) can dry your skin, and exacerbate any eczema you may have.