PowerForm S12+ Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves

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Manufacturer: SWSS
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Product Description

Proprietary MilTek™ polymer technology delivers more uniform thickness providing unmatched tactile sensitivity at the fingers, high durability at the palm and cuff.

TouchTek™ surfaces reduce irritants and contaminants to protect your hands and sensitive items you may be handling.

Non-latex nitrile offers superior abrasion and puncture resistance and the fully textured grip allows better handling of small parts and slippery objects.

Typical Applications:

  • Light Metal Fabricating
  • Machinery Repair
  • Cleaning & Maintenenace
  • Janitorial/Sanitation
  • Painting

Minimum order: 5 cases


  • TouchTek™ Technology prevents skin irritation and contamination
  • MilTek™ offers durability and tactile sensitivity
  • Fully Textured Surface delivers excellent grip
  • Pure Nitrile prevents latex allergic reactions
  • Beaded Cuff allows easy donning and removal
  • Extended Cuff provides added protection


Technology Platforms: TouchTek, MilTek
Construction: Blue Nitrile
Measurements: 14.0 mil (Finger), 12.0 mil (Palm), 12" (Length), 19.0 g Weight, M 
Size Range: XS-XXL
Packaging: 50 gloves/box 10 boxes/case