PC SECUREgrasp Media Bottle

Item #: 118 Series
Manufacturer: Foxx Life Science
Product Description


Foxx Life Sciences' non-sterile polycarbonate SECUREgrasp® media bottles have been designed specifically for Life Science researchers to store common solutions such as tissue culture media, serum, and buffers. Our SECUREgrasp® bottles are designed to handle full vacuum and can be used with Autofil® filtration system.  Our polycarbonate SECUREgrasp® bottles are highly transparent, shatterproof, and have good alcohol resistance. They are rated to withstand five autoclave cycles (bottle only). The bottles Gamma are sterilized in the USA. 

Each SECUREgrasp® bottle has features that improve the handling of the bottle, especially when the bottle is wet. The narrow bottle shoulder, combined with the molded finger grips, improves the ability to securely grip the bottle with gloved hands. Our patented, SECUREgrasp® bottle cap enables easy handling and carrying of the bottle. The innovative cap also allows for easy uncapping, tightening, and bottle stacking and provides a large surface for bottle labeling 

Foxx Life Sciences' SECUREgrasp® media bottle is manufactured in ISO 13485 clean room in NA.

SKU 1182-RLS 1181-RLS 1180-RLS 118-4001-RLS 118-5001-RLS 118-6001-RLS
Height 5.92" (150.3mm) 5.16" (131.1mm) 3.42" (86.9mm) 3.42" (86.9mm) 5.16" (131.1mm) 5.92" (150.3mm)
Diameter(max) 4.76" (121.0mm) 3.81" (96.7mm) 3.63" (92.1mm) 3.63" (92.1mm) 3.81" (96.7mm) 4.76" (121.0mm)
Volume 1000ml 500ml 250ml 250ml 500ml 1000ml

  • Bottle Material: Polycarbonate
  • Cap Size: 45mm
  • Cap Material: Polypropylene