Incubators serve many purposes in the lab, as a device designed to grow or maintain microbiological cultures or cell cultures. 

The General Purpose Laboratory Incubators available at Next Day Science are offered in sizes ranging from 2 to 40 cubic feet.

Laboratory incubator applications are diverse because of the many different industries and protocols they are used for. Next Day Science incubators will accommodate a wide range of applications from general to refrigerated to shaking incubators, and more. See the Features and Specifications of specific incubators for more information.

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CO2 Air Jacketed Dual/Stacked Incubator

Item #: SCO010A
from: $12214.00 sale: $9541.58

Incu-Shaker Shaking Incubator

Item #: H2010
from: $6115.00 sale: $5197.75

SMI2 Digital Laboratory Incubator, 2.0 Cu.Ft.

Item #: SMI2
from: $2142.00 sale: $1673.33

I5311DS Shaking Incubator

Item #: I-5311-DS
from: $5656.78 sale: $4525.42

High Performance Incubator

Item #: I-5311-D
from: $3015.55 sale: $2412.44

SCO10W CO2 Water Jacketed Incubator

Item #: SCO10W
from: $11944.00 sale: $9108.49

SMI6 Digital Laboratory Incubator

Item #: SMI6
from: $3036.00 sale: $2371.72

Low-Profile General Purpose Incubator

Item #: SMI7
from: $3457.00 sale: $2700.61

General Purpose Incubator with Side By Side Door

Item #: SMI11
from: $5582.00 sale: $4360.66