Ice Bucket w/Lid

Item #: 18848X001 Series
Manufacturer: Magic Touch
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Product Description

Magic Touchâ„¢ insulated Ice Buckets are excellent for preserving hot or cold. They are lightweight, stackable, and durable. You can transport and store temperature sensitive samples in ice, alcohol slurries, water baths and more.

Color: Blue


  • Use with ice, dry ice, dry ice alcohol slurries, liquid nitrogen
  • Temperature range: -196° to 93°C (-321° - +200°F)
  • Expanded polymer foam is chemical resistant, impervious to moisture and odors, and unbreakable under normal use conditions
  • Lid can be cut/drilled to make openings for thermometers, cooling coils, flasks etc.
  • Holds Magic Touch Round Floating Racks


  • 2.5 liter capacity:
    22.2cm (8 3/4") opening at top x 12.1cmH (4 3/4"), bottom tapers to 19.1cm (7 1/2") at the base
  • 4.0 liter capacity
    21.6 (8 1/2") opening at top x 16.8cmH (6 3/5"), bottom tapers to 18.4cm (7 1/4") at the base