General Purpose Incubators

Our General Purpose Laboratory Incubators are available in sizes of 2 to 38.4 cu.ft. Applications include: Biochemical Studies, Hematological Studies, General Purpose Incubator Applications, Bacterial Culturing and Research, Microbiological Determinations, Pharmaceutical Stability Assays, Food Processing Quality Control, Large Scale Roller Apparatus Applications
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Incubator, Mini

Item #: 506
from: $569.70 sale: $541.22

MyTemp Digital Incubator with Heating and Cooling

Item #: H2265-HC
from: $2,849.00 sale: $2,421.65

MyTemp Mini CO2 Digital Incubator

Item #: H2300-HC2
from: $3,635.00 sale: $3,089.75

MyTemp Mini Digital Incubator

Item #: H2200 Series
from: $409.00 sale: $347.65

SureTemp Dual Convection Incubator

Item #: H2505 Series
sale: $1,581.00

Compact Mini Incubator

Item #: I5110A
from: $393.00 sale: $314.00

Shel Lab General Purpose Economy Incubator

Item #: SMI-E
from: $1,125.00 sale: $878.85