Cell Culture Flasks

Tissue Culture Flasks from Next Day Science are manufactured in a Class 100,000 clean room using virgin polystyrene, under the highest quality management systems to ensure consistent tissue and cell culture performance.  

The flasks are sterile and non-pyrogenic, with vent caps with filters for gas exchange and preventing microorganisms. Available in several sizes and quantities.

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A3 Cell Culture Flasks

Item #: A3 Series
from: $57.32 sale: $55.01

Cell Scrapers

Item #: A7 Series
from: $159.23 sale: $152.81

Cover Glasses

Item #: A9 Series
from: $56.00 sale: $53.00

Multi-Layer Cell Culture Flasks

Item #: A4 Series
from: $89.81 sale: $86.19

Plugged Cap Cell Culture Flasks

Item #: TP1000 Series
from: $198.00 sale: $172.26

Vented TC - Treated Cell Culture Flasks

Item #: TVN0000 Series
from: $198.00 sale: $172.26