Cell Culture Dishes

Next Day Science provides Tissue Culture and Petri Dishes manufactured under the strictest conditions in order to guarantee the integrity of your work. 

Tissue Culture Dishes are available in multiple sizes, with some sizes also available with gripping rings. Petri Dishes are non-treated, and capable of easy stacking.

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Cell Culture Dishes

Item #: A2 Series
sale: $75.39

Cover Glasses

Item #: A9 Series
from: $56.00 sale: $53.00

Glass Bottom Cell Culture Dishes/Plates

Item #: A8 Series
from: $253.42 sale: $243.21

Petri Dishes

Item #: D1 Series
from: $99.00 sale: $94.00

TC Dishes

Item #: TDN0000 Series
from: $188.00 sale: $163.56