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Cryo-freezer boxes from Next Day Science are protected from liquid nitrogen or condensation from freezers by a moisture repellent coating.  Our freezer boxes are made of a sturdy white cardbard and fit all standard-stainless steel and polycarbonate storage systems.  Small holes on the bottom allow for safe drainage of liquid nitrogen or water. For use in mechanical freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks at temperature to -196°C. 
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Cardboard Storage Boxes

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Cardboard Freezer Boxes Questions & Answers

Cryogenic storage is a method of storage that utilizes vacuum technology and cryogens, such as liquid nitrogen or helium, to preserve items at extremely cold temperatures. It is often thought of as a method for preserving human or animal tissues, such as organs, but cryogenic storage is used for a wide variety of situations where extreme freezing is needed as a preservative system.
Cryogenic cardboard freezer boxes are used in cryogenic freezer systems to store items. The boxes are treated with moisture repellent to protect from the effects of liquid nitrogen and condensation in the cryogenic freezer. They should have small holes in the bottom of the boxes to allow for safe drainage of liquid nitrogen or water. They are generally available with or without partitions, and come in a variety of sizes that are compatible with standard upright freezer racks.
Cardboard boxes are easy to use for cryogenic storage purposes. Because of the different sizes and configurations of the boxes, you also can customize the types of boxes that are needed. There are standardized freezer racks and polycarbonate storage systems that fit into cryogenic freezer, allowing for variations in size and type of storage.
Check to make sure the the sizes and configuration are compatible with your cryogenic stainless steel freezer racks or polycarbonate storage systems. That is the number one issue that companies can run into when purchasing boxes, storage systems, and racks. Freezer racks and storage systems should be standardized to accommodate standard size boxes.
All Next Day Science Cryogenic Cardboard Freezer Boxes are set to standard dimensions, so that they will be able to fit in a variety of configurations in stainless steel freezer racks and polycarbonate storage systems. You can be assured we sell only the highest quality, moisture-repellant cardboard freezer boxes, with adequate drainage, so that you never have to worry about liquid nitrogen or freezer condensation.