BioPette™ Plus Four Pack Starter Kit

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Manufacturer: Labnet
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Product Description

The Biopette™ Plus Four Pack Starter Kit is a complete liquid handling package including everything needed to get started with accurate and reproducible pipetting.
  • Exceptional Value
  • Includes Four Biopette™ Plus Pipettes
  • BioFree™ Pipette Tips, Carousel Stand and Calibration Tool Also Included
Unlike many common liquid handling starter kits that include 3 pipettes, the Biopette™ Plus 4-Pack Starter Kit includes four pipettes covering a wide volume range of 0.5µl to 1000µl (0.5 to 10µl, 2.0 to 20µl, 20 to 200µl and 100 to 1000µl). The Biopette™ Plus 4-Pack Starter Kit also includes three racks of Labnet's new BioFree™ Pipette Tips and a six position carousel stand.
Volume Range    Accuracy    Precision
0.5-10 μl ±4.0 to ±0.5%   <4.0 to <0.4%
2-20 μl ±4.0 to ±0.8%   <3.0 to <0.4%
20-200 μl ±1.2 to ±0.6%   <0.6 to <0.3%
100-1,000 μl ±0.9 to ±0.6%   <0.45 to <0.25%