Balance Accessories

In addition to a complete selection of balances, NextDayScience also offers balance accessories as part of its laboratory instruments line. 

As an option for PW balances, a density kit can be used to assist in calculating the density of the item to be measured. The kit consists of a thermometer and holder to measure the temperature of the liquid being used, a beaker and beaker holder and a replacement pan assembly to measure the sample in the liquid and in the air. Another balance accessory is the set of ASTM Class 0 weights. This set is used to achieve extra-fine accuracy and high-precision calibration of weights.

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Accuris F1 Grade Calibration Weight

Item #: W1000 Series
from: $50.00 sale: $42.50

Density Determination Kit

Item #: 106007452
from: $403.85 sale: $331.16

Density Determination Kit (mg models only)

Item #: 106007453
from: $403.85 sale: $331.16