AloeForm Nitrile ACTIValoe Powder-Free Exam Gloves

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Manufacturer: SWSS
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Product Description

Soothe and moisturize dry, irritated hands with patented, high efficacy Aloe vera in a premium nitrile laboratory glove. MilTek engineering optimizes thickness at cuff, palm and fingers to deliver tear-resistant cuff, protection you can trust and maximum tactile sensitivity. Fully textured surface deliveres excellent grip in wet or dry environments for handling tubes, tips, glassware and instruments. TouchTek enhancement eliminates residuals, reducing the risk of skin irritation and sample contamination.

ACTIValoe® Preserving the benefits of aloe, such as skin conditioning, anti-inflammation and healing properties to give users a positive, therapeutic single use glove environment that promotes skin health.

TouchTek™ On the outside, TouchTek technology reduces the contamination of sensitive materials and workspaces. On the inside, TouchTek reduces the chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin, leading to irritation or painful reactions.

MilTek™ A technology that delivers a more consistent thickness across the entire glove, minimizing the differences from finger to palm and from palm to cuff.

Non-latex nitrile offers superior abrasion and puncture resistance and the fully textured grip allows better handling of small parts and slippery objects.

Typical Applications: light chemical mixing, handling & packaging class i medical devices, pharma production, assembly, painting, cleaning, chemical handling, liquid handling, oily or wet surfaces, laboratory, clinical.


  • Patented ACTIValoe soothes dry irritated hands
  • TouchTek helps prevent skin irritation and sample contamination
  • MilTek optimizes thickness for durability and tactile sensitivity
  • Fully textured surface provides excellent wet and dry grip


Construction: Light Green Nitrile
Measurements: 4.0 mil (Finger), 3.6 mil (Palm), 9.5" (Length), 5.0 g Weight, L
Size Range: XS-XL
Packaging: 100 gloves/box 10 boxes/case
Color: Green
Cuff Length: 9.5in / 242mm
Material: Nitrile
Cuff Type: Beaded
Interior Lining: ACTIValoe Aloe Vera
Finger Thickness: 4mil / 0.10mm
Palm Thickness: 3.6mil / 0.09mm
Cuff Thickness: 3mil / 0.08mm
Surface Texture: Fully Textured
Weight: 5.0g
Fit Type: Ambidextrous
Construction Type: Single Use
AQL: 0.65