All-Glass Filtration Assembly

Item #: 311000 Series
Manufacturer: SterliTech

Product Description

All-glass filter holder design restricts contact with reactive surfaces such as steel or rubber to minimize contamination of sample or filtrate.

All-Glass Filter Holder Product Benefits:

  • Standard 25 or 47mm filtration funnels mount on filtration flask using a ground glass joint
  • Support base outlet drip tube is positioned below the side arm connection to prevent sample aspiration into the vacuum line
  • All wetted surfaces are borosilicate glass with the exception of stainless steel and PTFE support options





Funnel, base unit and flask Borosilicate glass
Support Borosilicate glass frit, stainless steel, or PTFE
Ground glass joint 14/20 female 40/35 female
Side arm 6 mm (3/8 inch) 6 mm (3/8 inch)
Funnel 15 ml 300 ml
Receiver flask 125 ml 1000 ml
Membrane Filter Compatibility:
Filter size 25 mm 47 mm
Prefilter size (if used with membrane) 16 mm 35 mm
Filtration area 2.1 cm2 9.6 cm2