934-AH Filter Paper, 4.7cm diameter, 100/pck

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Product Description

934-AH - Fine porosity, fast flow rate, with a 1.5m size particle retention. This material is the standard for volatile suspended solids content and related measurements (Standard Methods 254 C, 254 D, 254 E and EPA Method 160.2). Also widely used in cell harvesting applications and RIA scintillation counting. Binderless borosilicate glass microfiber enables use up to 550C for laboratories performing Fixed and Volatile  Suspended Solids analysis of water and waterwater.  934-AH is a trademark of Whatman Inc.

Technical Specifications:

Grade Nomenclature                    934-AH  

Particle Retention (μm)                 1.50

Material Type                                High Heat Binderless Borosilicate Glass Microfiber

Thickness (mm)                             0.43

Filtration Speed (sec.)                    47

Basis Weight (g/m2)                       64


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