3D Rotating Mixer

Designed to meet high demands of modern laboratory.

Item #: MX-R1 Series
Manufacturer: C & A Scientific
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Product Description

Our new 3D rotating mixer is uniquely designed to mix samples horizontally, vertically or at any desired angled. The mixer accommodates a wide variety of sample tubes, and with two rotating frames on each side, individual mixing speeds are possible. The 3D rotating mixer’s sleek design makes it convenient and hassle-free to transport. The shell and rotating panel are specially made to allow for simple cleaning.

The 3D rotating mixer is widely used in molecular hybridization, blood banking, and for other mixing needs.

  • Includes 3 sizes Tube Platforms


  • Adjustable – Each unit can be configured for your specific needs.
  • Versatile – A wide range of rotation modes from mild to somersault type rotation.
  • Wide Range – The MX-R19 can be set from 20° angle to 99°angle.
  • Rotation – Achieve positive and negative rotation by gently pressing the rotating tube frame while the instrument is operating.
  • Various Applications – Widely used in molecular biology, histo-chemistry, clinical applications, etc.
  • Multiple Platform Options – Quickly and easily adapts to different size tubes.


Model MX-R18 3D Rotating MX-R19 3D Rotating
Rotating Speed  18 rpm 10-40 rpm
Range time   1s-999min
Reciprocating Oscillation Range   20° angle to 99° angle
Power                                   4W
Weight 1 kg 1.2 kg
Power Supply 220V/110V   AC 100/230V
Dimension 240 x 145 x 210 mm



Included Platforms:


 A 2 pieces

 5 centrifuge tubes of 10ml /15 ml (015mm-016mm) +

 6 centrifuge tubes of 5ml /7 ml (012mm-013mm)

 B 2 pieces  3 centrifuge tubes of 50ml +18 centrifuge tubes of 0.5ml
 C 2 pieces  18 centrifuge tubes of 1,5ml / 2.0ml