Wide Mouth, Square Bottles

Item #: 600600 Series
Manufacturer: Globe Scientific

Product Description

These graduated, rigid and space-saving laboratory storage bottles contain a wide-mouth top for trouble-free mptying and filling of powders and liquids. The bottles can be neatly and tightly stored side by side due to their square shape. Included with the screw cap, is a plastic plug stopper which helps to provide additional resistance against leaks. To use, just place the plug stopper into the top of the bottle before you close the lid. This ensures a leak-resistant seal and makes these bottles optimal for long-term storage and transport. The space between the plug stopper and screw cap can also be used to store confidential notes.

The bottle neck and cap have tagging points that are molded in; made for securing the cap to the bottle using wire security ties. This feature also allows you to see if the bottle has been tampered with. This bottle is approved for use with food products.


  • Rigid bottle
  • Graduated
  • Screw cap lid and separate plug stopper provide a leak-resistant seal.
  • Tagging points for security.
  • Food grade


  • Material: Bottle: Polyethylene blend (LDPE & HDPE)
  • Cap: Polypropylene (PP)