Safe Store Chemical Safety Cabinent

Item #: Safestore 34S
Manufacturer: Air Science
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Product Description

What should you look for in a vented chemical storage cabinet? You want a cabinet that minimizes health and environmental risks while handling chemical vapors and residues, volatile organic compounds (VOC), and general laboratory functions. 

At Next Day Science, we offer the Safestore™ Vented Chemical Storage Cabinets as the place to store noxious or odorous chemicals.

The Air Science Multiplex™ filtration system protects the safety of personnel during use, maintenance, and decontamination. Special product features include a control panel, manual speed controller, airflow alarm, and dynamic filtration chamber.

See Features and Specifications tab pages for further information.



A. Control Panel: Electronic controls and displays include switches for the blower and lights and low airflow alarm all located on a convenient front surface panel.

B. Manual Speed Controller:(optional) The operator may set the centrifugal fan motor speed as desired.

C. Airflow Alarm: A continuous air velocity monitoring system alerts the operator upon unacceptable values.

D. Dynamic Filtration Chamber: The dynamic filter chamber prevents any possible leakage of contaminated air by pressurizing the fan plenum (positive air) and depressuring the filter compartment (negative air).

E. Color: The cabinet is white with blue doors.



Safestore™ Model
Airflow Pattern
Hinged, keylocked, sliding
120v 60Hz, or 220v 50Hz available, specify when ordering.
Cabinet Lighting (Optional)
Compact fluorescent bulb removed from air stream.
UV Lamp (Optional)
1 x 254 nm 15 W
Low air flow.
Wheels (Optional)
Standard leveling feet, optional locking wheels.