A reliable refrigerator, freezer, or combo, is a laboratory staple. Whether you are looking for a general purpose model or one equipped to handle hazardous or flammable materials, Next Day Science has a wide range of affordable, quality models. Next Day Science refrigerators feature microprocessor controlled thermostats in order to maintain critical temperatures with uncompromising consistency. From a compact 3-cubic-feet model to a large 27-cubic-feet model, all styles can be built into casework with no additional clearance required.

 All units feature auto cycle defrost. And Next Day Science guarantees the LOWEST price! For more information on individual models, see specific product descriptions.

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All Refrigerator

Item #: MS Series
from: $2349.00 sale: $1926.18

Compact Freezer

Item #: MS15FAS6RW
from: $1509.00 sale: $1237.38

Dual Voltage Refrigerator Freezer

Item #: MS24RFSGRG
from: $4119.00 sale: $3377.58

Refrigerated Drawers

Item #: MS24RDS4NS
from: $4119.00 sale: $3377.58

Refrigerator Freezer with Auto Defrost

Item #: MS24RFS4
from: $2779.00 sale: $2278.78

Solid Door All Freezer

Item #: MS24FAS2RW
from: $2239.00 sale: $1835.98