Refrigerated Circulating Baths

Refrigerated circulating baths create a cool and consistent ambient temperature with continuous circulation maintaining constant temperature. In research and industrial laboratories where experiments and other operations require a continuously circulating bath with a uniform temperature in a cold environment, a refrigerated circulating bath is must-have equipment. Next Day Science refrigerated circulating baths range in size from 7 to 28 liters, and have achievable temperatures ranging from -40 to 200 degrees centigrade, with controls that vary from standard digital to performance programmable.

From space-saving to full-scale refrigerated baths, Next Day Science has the right model for your lab and industrial needs. 

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Refrigerated Circulating Baths Questions & Answers

A refrigerated circulating bath has many possible uses in a laboratory environment.  This integral piece of laboratory equipment maintains consistent cool temperatures for the samples contained within, a requirement for a variety of laboratory cooling applications. A Refrigerated Circulating Bath from Next Day Science is able to stabilize the temperature of its water to within five thousandths of a degree Celsius (0.005º C) over a possible range of temperatures of 240 º C. In contrast, a basic water bath (also known as non-Circulating Bath) uses convection to maintain its water temperature and is thus less uniform in its water temperature than Circulating Baths are. Enzymatic and serologic experiments require a more exact and consistent water temperature and require the use of a Refrigerated Circulating Bath like those offered by Next Day Science, which are capable of reaching and maintaining temperatures as low as -40°C.

There are numerous benefits to using a Refrigerated Circulating Bath including the precision to which its water temperature can be controlled and the range of temperatures that can be consistently maintained. A circulating bath has a strong advantage over other types of baths when precise and uniform temperature is needed for the samples. They are able to maintain a cool consistent temperature in environments where temperature fluctuation would be unacceptable, such as research and industrial laboratories. The refrigerated circulating baths are able to maintain uniform and reliable temperatures from -40 to 200 degrees Celsius and range in size from seven to 28 liters.

Cooling baths are more complex than heating baths, for they must cool their water to below ambient temperatures. The circulating pump directs water flow around the perimeter of the bath to better promote uniform temperature. The liquid is stirred throughout the bath to ensure that all of the water is kept at an undeviating and consistent temperature. The controls can be programmable and integrated into automated laboratory computer systems. They allow for complex ramp and soak temperature programs and allow for the backing up of stored cooling programs to be run automatically at scheduled intervals. In fact, direct access to a Refrigerated Circulating Bath is not necessary when working with units from Next Day Science, for they provide control, data logging, and communications options that allow the user to control the unit from across the globe using such protocols as Ethernet, RS-232, addressable RS-485, USB-A and USB-B.

There are numerous features to consider when purchasing a Refrigerated Circulating Bath, ranging from the safety of the bath and its CE and ETL certifications to ease of maintenance of the unit. In addition to the achievable temperature range and stability, look for an intuitive interface on the controller. Clear navigational buttons and menu options will make setting changes easy and precise. Noise reduction technology, if available, can reduce energy consumption while simultaneously increasing operational efficiency. Also consider the ease of maintenance - how easy or difficult it is to access the reservoir drain and removable air filter.  Large bath openings and easy to clean surfaces are a decided plus, and certain models will even remind you when it is time to clean the filter. Pay close attention to the features of the Refrigerated Circulating Bath that you are considering such as its water capacity, its ease of access for cleaning, and the preparation of the exterior of the bath to withstand the potentially harsh chemicals of a laboratory environment.