Polypropylene Freezer Boxes

The polypropylene freezer boxes from NextDayScience are suitable for both refrigerator and freezer storage for temperatures as low at -80C and as high as 121C.

 The boxes have hinged translucent lids and numbered cavities. They are available in a rainbow pack of assorted colors for easy identification of samples and are stackable with a no-slide feature. They are autoclavable with numbered tube wells and will prove to be an indispensable storage set for your laboratory. 

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Freezer Box with Friction Lid

Item #: R1060
from: $35.00 sale: $28.70

Freezer/Storage Boxes

Item #: R1000-R2000 Series
from: $35.00 sale: $28.70

Test Tube Racks

Item #: R1000 Series
from: $35.00 sale: $28.70