Polyacrylonitrile Laminated Membrane Filter

Item #: PAN02 Series
Manufacturer: SterliTech

Product Description

Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) membranes combine excellent selectivity, high flow rates and low pressure requirements which helps laboratories simplify their filtration setups while maintaining quality and efficient workflow.

  • Drinking water applications, such as gravity-fed purifiers, reverse osmosis post-filters, under-sink systems, refrigerator filters, hot/cold water dispensers, bottled water coolers, etc.
  • Water and Process Fluid purification in electronics manufacturing and other industrial process industries
  • Purification stages in biopharmaceutical processing and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Food and beverage filtration and water purification including wine, bottled water, beer, other beverages, dairy, etc
  • Compatible with alcohol (ethanol, IPA)
  • Can be used in conventional cartridge formats, including pleated format such as industry standard 10, 20, and 30-inch cartridges


 Pore Size   0.2 µm equivalent
 BSA Protein Binding   ~160 μg/cm2
 Membrane Material   PAN nano-fibers on PET support substrate
 Avg. Bubble Point   >60 psi
 Avg. Thickness   180-200 µm
 Retention (log Reduction)   6 (E.Coli, R.Terrigena, B. Diminuta)