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Product Description

Next Day Science's parafilm is a flexible, waterproof, thermoplastic sheet that is rolled with paper in between to prevent self-sticking. 

Semi-transparent, tasteless, odorless, and almost colorless, it is 0.127mm (0.005") thick, and sticks firmly and quickly to itself. The parafilm is capable of closing petri dish edges or covering flask mouths or culture tubes and has an outstanding resistance to alcohol, common acids, air and other gases, and slightly diluted alkalies. A real wonder material, at very high temperatures, it becomes soft enough to "glue" together cloths, papers, leathers, etc. At room temperature, it can expand 200% and return partly to its normal size. Each carton has one roll, with 12 cartons per case.


  • One roll per carton
  • 12 Cartons per case


  • Case Weight 35lbs
  • Cubic Feet measurements 0.91
  • 4x250' on 1" core